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      Welcome to visit the website of Dongfang Chemical Co.Ltd.

      Distinguished friends, partners, and people from all walks of life:
              Thank you for your concern and attention to the Dongfang Chemical Corporation.
              We always remember our development philosophy "take the customer demand as the core, and take the market requirement as the basis." We try our best to innovate first-class products with the first-class talents, first-class environment, first-class technology, and first-class equipment. We integrate the "health, safety, environmental protection" to provide customers with safer, better, more environmental friendly products. Our lifelong pursuit and mission is “Being one highly competitive core agrochemical enterprises.” We will take positive actions and fruitful achievements to make contributions to our society.
              I firmly believe that the Dongfang Chemical Corporation will have a bright future.
              I hope that our dear friends, partners and people from all walks of life continue their support to Dongfang Chemical Corporation.
              I sincerely invite people with lofty ideals to join us to achieve entrepreneurial dream together.

      Chairman: Han, Gensheng